August 8 || 2 weeks ago
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#I haven't watched any of the season #but this hurt me a lot #because I love Scott and Stiles' relationship #and I can hear the fear in his voice here #and just #ugh #stiles stilinski #scott mccall

July 26 || 1 month ago
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#//quiet dying noise #these two #will eventually be my demise #look how fucking cute they are #tylER KISSES DYLAN'S ARM #AND DYLAN JUST #HELP #dylan o'fucking brien #tyler posey

July 25 || 1 month ago




For the fans who’s time, effort, and passion for the show was ridiculed by Jeff Davis and the cast by reading their fanfics, mocking their hard work and love for the characters they portray, it’s time we say enough.

For the fan who asked the cast the innocent question of, “If you could ship literally any pairing that’s not currently canon on the show, who would you ship?” and was then mocked by Dylan O’Brien, who incredulously told the fan “This is the last question in the entire panel,” and was then mocked by Tyler Posey, who told the fan to “Think of a better question,” it’s time we say enough.

For the fans that were told that fanworks depicting two characters could not be signed, while fanworks depicting other pairings are acceptable, it’s time we say enough.

For the Teen Wolf fandom, who have been disrespected repeatedly by the Teen Wolf marketing team and Jeff Davis himself, for the fans that have been used by the powers that be to win polls and then mocked and humiliated once we’re no longer needed, for every person who passionately love this show and then has been shamed for that love by the cast and creators, it’s time we say enough.

It’s time to remind them why they need us.

We are calling for a general Teen Wolf Blackout for Monday’s episode.  We need to reach the producers of the show in a way that they can understand.

What can you do?

  1. Do not tweet anything Teen Wolf related during Monday’s episode.  Do not tweet the actors or the Teen Wolf account.  Do not use any hashtags related to Teen Wolf.
  2. If you have a Nielsen box, do not watch Monday night’s episode on TV. 
  3. Do not reblog the gifs or posts from the Teen Wolf tumblr account.
  4. Do not watch the episode on
  5. Reblog, reblog, reblog.  Spread the word.  Tell your friends, tweet the message prior to Monday’s episode.  

And before anyone asks - this isn’t to make Sterek canon, this has nothing to do with any ship or character, this isn’t to ask for anything plot related in the show.  This is a simple reminder that this show survives because of it’s fans, and we deserved to be treated with respect.

Spread the word.

I would actually suggest going a step further and doing a (temporary for some) boycott. Unlike their Facebook page, unfollow them on Twitter and Tumblr. Use that one site that allows you to look at websites without giving them the hit count (I can’t think of it right now, anyone know what i’m talking about?) to check for updates if you must. DVR does count in ratings, to an extent, so don’t forget about that. If you want to talk about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, maybe the community can come up with a hashtag that doesn’t involve the words Teen Wolf, like fanficgate or something idk i am terrible at this kind of thing, somebody else some up with something catchy. 

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#no fan should be disrespected for their questions #no fan should be told they are not important or that they don't matter #no fan should be ridiculed for what they love and how they love it #I've said it once and I'll say it again #Jeff Davis is not a gift #and I think it's about time we reminded him of that

July 25 || 1 month ago

ladies and gentlemen, Tyler Posey in all his glory

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#I love how Dylan just falls on him like oh my god #you didn't just #oh my god #I love it so much #I love the two of them and how adorable they are #tyler posey #dylan o'fucking brien

July 20 || 1 month ago
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July 19 || 1 month ago

make me choose - asked by upallnightogetbucky
alpha peter, the kanima, the darach or void stiles

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#so amazing #void!Stiles #I really enjoyed void Stiles #and how O'Brien played him #so good #stiles stilinski

July 19 || 1 month ago


there’s nobody there, so nobody knows
after all, it’s just the night

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July 19 || 1 month ago
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#this is perfection #I'm laughing so hard #papa stilinski #mini!Derek

July 19 || 1 month ago

g o o d n i g h t   k i s s

g o o d n i g h t   k i s s

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July 18 || 1 month ago

This is my game.

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#I really loved void!Stiles #I love the concept #and Dylan O'Brien did an amazing job with it #just the little nuances in his face #so well done #stiles stilinski #teen wolf